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International Paper Co. (IP) Sentiment Chart

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What Is a Stock Sentiment?

The stock sentiment reflects the current opinion of investors and journalists on International Paper (IP). StockBrain extracts information from reports and news stories and combines all data into a single rating. The IP stock sentiment is a general indication on whether other investors are likely to buy, hold or sell IP stocks in the near future.

How Is the Stock Sentiment Calculated?

StockBrain uses sentiment analysis and machine learning to analyze thousands of news articles and social media posts every day.
The following factors contribute the the evaluation:

  • Recent News Stories (last 30 Days)
  • Market & Politics News (last 30 Days)
  • Related Topics & Concepts
  • Sentiment of Competitors
  • Sentiment of Sector
  • Stock Price Performance & Volatility
  • Reference Index Performance & Volatility
  • Long-Term Average Sentiment

For more information on our technology, read our white paper.

International Paper Co. (IP) Adjusted Sentiment Rating vs. Future Stock Performance

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