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Circle Size: The size of each circle represents the influence that each story had on the APTO stock price.

StockBrain collects about 100.000 news articles and social media posts every day. Each document is evaluated and ranked on a scale from -1 (red, most negative) to 1 (green, most positive).
StockBrain then groups all stories by topic and calculates their influence on related companies.
Contributing Factors to StockBrain Sentiment Evaluation:
  • News Stories (last 14 Days)
  • News Volume
  • News Volume Volatility
  • News Sentiment Volatility
  • Long-Term Average Sentiment
  • Sentiment of Competitors
  • Sentiment of Sector
  • Stock Price Performance
  • Stock Price Volatility
  • Reference Index Performance
  • Reference Index Volatility

  • We use a combined Vector Space Model (VSM) and Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) approach to detect the sentiment and a regression model to estimate the impact on stocks.
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    Topic Sentiment: APTO

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    Topic Analysis for Aptose Biosciences Inc. (APTO)

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    StockBrain ranks all published news articles on a scale from -1 (red, most negative) to 1 (green, most positive).The ratio between positive and negative articles is represented by a bar's color.

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