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Reliable Financial Data Feed for US Markets

Our platform visualizes financial datasets such as stock quotes (powered by IEX), company fundamentals and general market data. With our server structure located at the AMS-IX backbone in Amsterdam (NL), we are able to retrieve global data via lighting-fast ultra-low latency streams.

Comprehensive Automated News Aggregation

StockBrain collects relevant news articles from selected outlets to provide a well-balanced overview over today's business world. We use sentiment analytics to measure and predict the impact of company related news on the financial markets.

Cloud-based Realtime Analytics Framework

StockBrain complements analytical datasets with respective metadata, real-time statistical evaluations and technical indicators based on own calculations.


550 Million

New Data Points every Day

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100.000 Articles

Considered for Sentiment Analytics every Day

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3 minutes

Delay for IEX Stock Quotes

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Q4, 2019

Launch StockBrain Community

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